Monitor the company's fleet with just one click

A system specifically designed to accurately monitor the fleet.
Equipped with supporting features that are able to minimize the risk of accidents
and reduce operational costs

Fitur Tracking Fix-01

Track your fleets in real time

Tracking your fleet has become easier with
the tracking feature. Know clearly the position
of the fleet in real time

Help minimize the risk of accidents

Monitor how drivers drive, speed as it should
or just the opposite. Automatically, the system will
conduct an assessment on how to drive each driver

Fitur Fleet Management-01
Fitur Reports-01

Practical reports for analysis and evaluation

Get reports about fleet trips,
driving safety as well as others. Display
reports that are easy to read and can be downloaded

Get notifications for each event

Alerts feature to get practical notifications
related to various events such as,
parking fleet for a long time at a location,
or the employee has completed a task in the system

Fitur Alerts-01

What they said about us?

  • Awesome Image

    Menurut saya pake system itu mudah penggunaan nya dan untuk lacak device nya pun tidak ribet apabila digunakan oleh para mover, dan kita pun dapat tetap memantaunya. Terutama untuk pengiriman di luar kota dan luar pulau itu sangat membantu di kala hp mover tidak ada sinyal, sehingga bisa tetap terlacak menggunakan GPS nya.

    Tengku Arfan Aziz (PIC GPS Tracker – DHL)