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This Privacy Policy explains how information about you is obtained and processed by PT. Lacak Cipta Aktual ( and provides other important information about privacy, and explains when and how we can change this Privacy Policy. We are committed to always protecting the personal data of our customers and we have implemented the steps necessary to maintain the security of your personal data.
This Privacy Policy applies to the processing of Personal Data by when you use our network, visit our website, and when you use or receive our products and / or services.

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Privacy Statement

Personal Data is any information related to customers that is given by customers to or available to due to a customer contract with, for example: name, KTP / Passport number, customer transaction information with such as contact information, credit card information / debit and bank accounts, mobile phone locations (to enable connections to our network), browsing history, call records to customer service or service centers and account activity; the words “you” and “customers” include past, current and future customers, including customers of other network providers who work with;

Collection of Your Personal Information

  1. To be able to use the network and / or to receive products and / or services we need your Personal Data. Any failure to meet these requirements or any lack of disclosure of Personal Data will cause us to not be able to process your application, so you cannot enjoy services, features, or products.
  2. When you register for our products and services, you have given our consent to collect and process (use, process, record, hold, store, provide and disclose) your Personal Data.
  3. By continuing to use our network, visiting our website, or using our products and / or services, you have given your consent to us to process your Personal Data. We will keep a record of your agreement as seen in our active customer database.
  4. Your Personal Data can be obtained from various activities and sources. Personal Data may be collected, including but not limited, when you fill out an application form, when you contact us to provide questions or requests for assistance, from calls and networks that you make, including from any third party that you authorize and approve to process Personal Data You. Your Personal Data may also be collected from publicly available information sources and when you visit our website and application, participate in surveys, conduct business relationships with us, or when you submit complaints to us.
  5. Your Personal Data will be stored for the purpose of acquisition and processing, or to comply with any internal requirements, regulations and laws.

Use of Information

We use the information we obtain for various reasons:

  1. To assess, validate, and fulfill your purchase request, verify your identity, activate and / or deactivate the services you have requested, including to provide and maintain ongoing services to you;
  2. To process your bills and payments, including sending bills, maintaining financial records, assessing or verifying credit / debit card details;
  3. To provide technical support to you and maintain a general customer database, including to respond to questions and resolve your complaints;
  4. To understand your needs and interests, including to identify and recommend products or services that fit your needs, and to develop, improve, or provide personalized products and services, including service offers and promotions; and
  5. To comply with licensing obligations, statutory regulations and other requirements including to fulfill requests from law enforcement, government institutions, including judiciary in investigating and resolving any of your problems or disputes with us, including for defense of allegations against or otherwise involving we.

Sharing of Your Information

We may share your Personal Data with third parties as follows:

  1. To an institution that acts as a contractor who assists us in providing networks, products and / or services to you;
  2. To institutions that act as our payment channel for the purpose of maintaining financial records, assessing or verifying credit / debit card details and facilitating payments owed to us;
  3. To regulatory agencies, law enforcement institutions and government authorities for the purpose of due process and compliance with legal requirements or to detect or prevent crime and / or fraud; or
  4. To our trusted business partners and strategic partners to send marketing communications about products and / or services to you based on your choices and interests.

Our Website

We may request standard information such as login IDs, passwords, personal data, contact details and identification numbers for verification purposes for the use of our site. You are recommended not to reveal your login ID and password to access our site to anyone. We will not be responsible for the disclosure of Personal Data if you reveal your login ID and password to someone other than yourself.

IP Address and Cookies

As part of providing internet services and for security purposes, we may collect and manage IP addresses. We may also use information obtained from cookies or other similar technologies to improve the quality of our website, provide recommendations, and fulfill the transactions you have requested. You can configure and personalize your current browser to refuse or delete these cookies.

Termination of Service may terminate the Service unilaterally if the following happens:

  1. You do not do the things set out in this Privacy Policy;
  2. You no longer have authority as a legal subject in accordance with applicable legal provisions;
  3. You have been declared bankrupt in accordance with applicable law; or;
  4. You do not pay Service fees according to agreed conditions.

Links to other websites or services

If there is a part of our web site that connects you to other web sites, we are not responsible for risks arising from these other web sites because these web sites are not operated under this Privacy Policy.

We can update this Privacy Policy. Visit our website to see changes to this Privacy Policy. By continuing to communicate with us, use our network, visit our website and / or use or accept our products and / or services, you have agreed to and accepted these updates.

Dispute Resolution

If there is a dispute in the future then you agree to resolve it through deliberation and consensus. If the deliberation does not reach consensus within 30 (thirty) days from the date of the first deliberation, then you agree to settle the dispute through the court and choose a legal and unchanging residence in the West Jakarta District Court.